Reduce Victoria’s Food Waste with Technology

Published on
February 7, 2024
Every year in Victoria we create 250,000 tonnes of food waste, costing each household more than $2,000. This not only affects us financially, but is a major contributor to global warming.

Victoria has made a commitment to reduce food waste from 2.4 million tonnes to 1.2 million tonnes by the year 2030. This is achievable and we are fortunate to have a range of ways to reach this goal.

The best way to combat food waste is to prevent it from happening in the first place. By shopping only for what you need, cooking correct portions, and using up leftovers. However, some food waste is unavoidable and needs to be disposed of using other methods so we can avoid putting it into landfill.

There are systems already in place like compost, worm farms and Food Organics and Garden Organics bins but these options don’t suit every Victorian.  Not everyone has the space or wants to handle the lingering smell of days-old food. So what do they do with their unavoidable food waste?

New technology means households can now dispose of food waste on their benchtops by as much as 90% of its original mass by dehydrating it.

For example, the enrich360® | FOOD-FARM-FUTURE Eco 5 is a small food waste dehydrator that fits on a benchtop and turns food waste into a nutrient rich fertiliser. It can then be used on gardens, in household plants or disposed into existing organic systems.

For people living in apartments, or who have nowhere to use the fertiliser, it can be donated to friends and family, farm, community garden of go into a green bin.

With the current waste systems and thinking in place, goals like the ones set by the Victorian Government may seem difficult to achieve. By diversifying the way we manage and think about food waste, we can implement an innovative approach to reducing food waste, through technology like the Eco 5.

Reducing food waste saves money, saves the environment, saves water and is a resource for healthier green spaces and gardens.

By removing food waste from landfill we create a valuable resource, improve our circular economy and ensure a healthy and safe future for everyone.

Find out more information about enrich360 dehydrators please visit our website or call us on 0499 360 360.

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