Organic fertiliser for a sustainable future


Utilise food waste as fertiliser

Organic fertiliser is produced from food waste with our commercial food waste dehydrators. The enrich360® dehydrator welcomes any food waste - fish, meat, fruit, veg, coffee grinds.

It transforms food waste into nutrient-rich, organic fertiliser that can be used for enhancing and improving the health of soil and plants.
Nutrient rich
The fertiliser is high in organic matter and carbon-rich, meaning it’s ideal for growing plants and crops. Plus, it actually improves the health and nutrient value of soils and plants.
enrich360® is characterised by very high organic matter (94%). High organic matter (OM) replaces OM lost through tillage and builds soil function.

Improving soil function means increasing water and nutrient holding capacities, and improving soil structure, nutrient cycling, nutrient availability, and biological activity. Expanding the soil’s biological activity with organic inputs can also increase pest and disease suppression through the introduction or encouragement of control organisms.
SESL tested
Tests by Sydney Environmental & Soil Laboratory (SESL) Australia confirm that enrich360® dehydrators produce pathogen-free and organic fertiliser. This makes your food-waste-turned-fertiliser suitable for growing in any setting, from rural to urban, or farm to home.

How to produce fertiliser

enrich360® dehydrators transform food waste into nutrient-rich organic fertiliser overnight, using only motors and heat energy.

The moisture from the food waste evaporates via indirect heating technology which maintains the nutrients in the product.

Once your food has been dehydrated, the unit produces fertiliser and potable water.

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