A data focused solution that gets everyone involved

Our whole range of sizes, with added features for individual use and data collection

The same world-leading dehydration technology, with added ease of access for individual users. A simple and user-friendly way for everyone to get involved; tap your card, insert your waste, help our planet!

Card-access dehydrators allow each user to easily access the unit and do their part in diverting food waste. Each card register to a user, whether that be an apartment number, retail store, or small business. When a card is used to input food waste, the quantity and time of input is registered to that user. An easy way to track your site’s food waste habits

The process
Insert food waste

No additives are required – no water, no sawdust, no enzymes. The equipment requires only the input of electrical power for motors and heat energy.

Operation start

Everything goes in – meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, coffee grinds and flower displays.


The moisture from the food waste evaporates via indirect heating technology.

Automated discharging system

At the end of the process, the machine is emptied and is immediately ready to receive the next load. The machine can be loaded and run seven days a week.




Potable water

Up to 70L per 100kg of food waste is produced for trouble free disposal or reuse

Organic fertiliser

7-20kg per 100kg of food waste is produced for enhancing soil and improving growth

Great benefits


Our latest model features the same innovative technology that helps divert your waste from ending up in a landfill, ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly solution for managing your waste while reducing environmental impact.


Simplify food waste management with our user-friendly contactless technology, empowering eco-conscious individuals to divert waste from landfills effortlessly.


Experience personalized sustainability with our innovative approach, shaping eco-friendly practices site-wide and empowering users to make a positive impact on the environment.


Gain insights with our in-depth food waste analysis for your site. Our data-driven approach empowers sustainability efforts and promotes positive change.

How does it actually impact?

This is how the City of Melbourne are using card-access dehydrators for easy food waste solutions for apartments
The City of Melbourne is revolutionizing food waste management in apartments with card-access dehydrators. These convenient devices reduce food waste volume, prevent odors and vermin, and promote sustainability. With easy-to-use interfaces and secure access, residents can actively participate in reducing food waste and contributing to the city's sustainability goals.
With the goal to facilitate apartment living and to reduce truck movements in our city centre, this pilot has created opportunity for each resident to get involved. Every apartment is given a card to use the dehydrator, so that each individual can dispose of their food waste safely and sustainable. Our card-access dehydrators provide a user-friendly solution, helping apartment buildings divert their food waste and providing in depth food waste data so we can better understand the food waste challenge.

Card-access series

8 Innovative dehydrators for sustainable food waste management.
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Waste quantity


Small waste capacity


Small waste capacity


Medium waste capacity


Medium waste capacity


Medium waste capacity


Large waste capacity


Large waste capacity

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