Turn your food waste into fertiliser

With our cutting-edge technology, we help everyone reduce landfill and achieve their sustainability goals. Let's protect our beautiful earth together!

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The global food waste challenge

Every year billions of kilograms of food waste are sent to landfill, contributing massively to global greenhouse gas emissions. If food waste was a country, it would be the third largest greenhouse gas emitter behind the US and China!

At the same time, food producers are struggling with declining soil health as critical nutrients are replaced with chemical fertilisers.


At the same time, food producers are struggling with declining soil health as critical nutrients are replaced with chemical fertilisers.

At enrich360 it’s our mission to change the economics of food waste, by turning it into a valuable resource. We help businesses divert their food waste from landfill and use it to replenish and nourish soils - simply and cost-effectively. This is done by using our enrich360® dehydrator onsite to convert food offcuts and leftovers into nutrient-rich fertiliser, and potable water.

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Reduce food waste volumes by up to 93%

enrich360® dehydrators transform food waste into nutrient-rich organic fertiliser.

The moisture from the food waste evaporates via indirect heating technology which maintains the nutrient in the product.

Once your food has been dehydrated, the unit produces fertiliser.


Reduce your waste

By eliminating food scraps from your waste, the amount of waste collected for landfill reduces. Fewer bins, lower collection costs, and no more odours!

Organic fertilizer

Up to 10kg of organic fertiliser is produced per 100kg of food waste with our food waste dehydrators. This can be used for enhancing and improving the health of soil.

Make the better choice for our planet!

enrich360 solutions ensure food waste that was deemed for landfill gets put to a better use. This simple change reduces emissions from waste collection and in landfill, all while supporting our farmers.

Creating a circular community

We are proud to have recognised certification for our circular food economy program, which demonstrates our commitment to be a leader in sustainability.


We’re not just a technology provider – we’re food waste management consultants and partners. We provide advice and valuable metrics to reduce and track food waste and improve the food ordering process. Our circular community certification helps businesses, farmers, households and communities combat the destructive cycle of avoidable food waste.

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