Become a certified member of the circular food family

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What is the circular economy?

A circular economy ensures our valuable resources are used and repurposed to benefit all parties involved in production and consumption processes. Our circular community certification program helps businesses combat the destructive cycle of avoidable food waste.

Why certify?

We are proud to have obtained recognised certification for our circular food economy program, which demonstrates our commitment to be a leader in sustainability.

Becoming enrich360 certified publicly verifies your commitment to our Circular Community, builds business credibility, enables you to connect with customers, staff and communities who are all driven by a purpose for caring for our planet and its future. By verifying your sustainable processes, your customers are assured that they are making a positive impact in supporting you.

Whether we engage as diners, shoppers, home gardeners or enterprise partners, we are all beneficiaries of this commitment.


Certification program

Publicly accredited by enrich 360 increases your business credibility and confirms your commitment to the circular community.

Certified Producer (Farm)

Using enrich360 fertiliser to boost Australia’s soil fertility and food nutrition.

Certified Product Distributor

Making enrich360 fertiliser available to the wider community.

Certified Retailer – Red

Owning and using an enrich360 dehydrator to process your own food waste.

Certified Retailer – Gold

Owning and using an enrich360 dehydrator to process your own food waste to distribute to the wider community.

Certified Machinery (Technology)

ACCC certified machinery and technology.

Certified Logistics Partner

Helping support the circular economy through service at any level.

Certified Composter

Ensuring your food waste is redirected from landfill to an enrich360 dehydrator.

Certified Waste Processor

Using enrich360 dehydrators to process external food waste on site.




Becoming a part of the certified community

Organisations are eligible to be a part of the enrich360 certification program if they demonstrate compliance with our certification standards across their operations.

Accreditation evaluation

Qualified personnel will conduct audits of your organisation’s capacity to be a part of the enrich360 program. They will also make recommendations on the solutions that best suit your specific needs.

Ongoing performance review

An enrich360 Program Manager will routinely assess your organisation’s activities that contribute to circular economy waste management. This will also give you insight into your progress toward company sustainability goals.

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