Bench-top dehydrators for everyday life


Divert your food waste from landfill

A bench top unit to divert food waste from landfill in your own home or office

Featuring the new innovative Vortech grinding system, the Eco5 can tackle even the toughest of jobs in just hours, transforming your food waste into a nutrient rich fertiliser. Designed to fit seamlessly into your daily routine

The process
Insert food waste

No additives are required – no water, no sawdust, no enzymes. The equipment requires only the input of electrical power for motors and heat energy.

Operation start

Everything goes in – meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, coffee grinds and flower displays.


The moisture from the food waste evaporates via indirect heating technology.


Vortech™ technology helps grind food waste during the dehydration process, so no food waste is to big a challenge.




Organic fertiliser

Once your food waste has been processed, apply to your garden and boost the health of your soil.

Great benefits


Featuring an industry-leading bucket capacity of 5 liters per cycle, our product sets the standard for handling food waste in larger quantities, providing you with a convenient and efficient solution.

Net Zero

By processing your food waste at home, you are diverting all emissions created during waste collection and disposal. Even with manufacturing and operation of the unit in mind, the emissions saved make using the Eco5 a net zero process.


Our closed loop sustainable process swiftly converts food waste into nutrient-rich fertiliser in just hours, providing an eco-friendly solution that diverts waste from landfills and promotes healthy plant growth.


Designed to fit seaminglessly into your lifestyle, the Eco5 is the size of a bread box and the perfect addition to your bench-top.

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FoodCycler™ - Benchtop dehydrator

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Power consumption


Input capacity

5 L

Cycle time

4-9 hours
Premium soft-open lid
Convenient detachable bucket
Powerful refillable filter (carbon pellets)
Innovative Vortech™ grinding system

Be the first to join the food waste revolution in Australia and New Zealand, with the Eco5.

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Energy efficient

The Eco5 uses less than 1.5KW per cycle, about the same as having a laptop plugged in overnight. That's less than 30cents per cycle for the average Australian household.

Eliminates odours from your bin

With food waste being processed safely and without odour in the Eco5, you're eliminating bacteria in your bins. No more odours and no more messy bins.

Reduce your bins

With the Eco5 dehydration technology, food waste is reduced by 90% of it's original mass, eliminating a large portion of your bin's content. Less waste mean no more full bins and less trips to the kerbside.