Moon Rabbit: A Sustainable and Social Haven in Melbourne

Published on
May 14, 2024
Moon Rabbit, a brainchild of the long-standing Darebin community organisation Bridge Darebin, isn't your typical Melbourne cafe. This innovative social enterprise reimagines hospitality with a focus on both people and the planet.

The vibrant Moon Rabbit team is a unique blend of staff, trainees with additional learning needs, and volunteers. Here, you might be served by the manager or someone in their first exciting week on the job. This supportive environment fosters inclusion and provides valuable hospitality training, empowering young adults for future careers.

Sustainability is at the heart of Moon Rabbit's philosophy. They champion a zero-waste approach, striving to create a self-sustaining food hub. Single-use items are a thing of the past, replaced by reusable solutions. But their commitment goes beyond eliminating waste.

Moonrabbit's enrich360 food waste dehydrator plays a key role in diverting a staggering 65 kilograms of food scraps from landfills each week. This social enterprise use their fertiliser to establish new life in several ways: nourishing the cafe's garden as a soil amendment, supporting local permaculture initiatives, and even being donated to the community. This resourceful approach minimises waste while promoting local food production and community well-being.

The innovation doesn't stop there. The dehydrator's recovered water is ingeniously recycled through an irrigation system, directly watering the cafe's flourishing garden. This closed-loop system exemplifies Moon Rabbit's dedication to resource efficiency.

Moon Rabbit stands as a compelling case study for businesses seeking to balance social responsibility with environmental consciousness. Their model proves that delicious food, excellent service, and positive social impact can coexist beautifully with a commitment to a sustainable future. This Melbourne cafe serves as an inspiration for others in the hospitality industry, promoting a shift towards a people-centered and planet-friendly approach.

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