Enrich360: Pioneering Food Waste Management with FoodCycler Technology to Reduce Bioplastic Contamination in Food Waste

Published on
July 4, 2024
Sometimes, the grass truly is greener on the other side, especially when you join the enrich360 circular economy. Why? Because our gardens are nourished with an organic, nutrient-rich soil amendment produced by our cutting-edge food waste dehydrators. Not only is the grass greener, but the future of sustainability is looking brighter than ever with the positive innovations that are currently underway to further reduce environmental contamination.

enrich360 is proud to bring advanced food waste solutions to Australia, utilising the pioneering technology developed by FoodCycler, the creators of the Eco 5. Now, new research is exploring the possibility of processing food waste and bioplastics simultaneously; an initiative that will help solve the issue of contamination in fertiliser, at composting sites and transfer stations.

The One-Bin FoodCycler: A Revolutionary Solution to Contamination

At enrich360, our commitment to continuous innovation drives us to explore new sustainability solutions. Recent research by FoodCycler aims to enhance commercial dehydrators by developing a 'one-bin' solution capable of processing both food waste and bioplastics. This breakthrough could significantly reduce environmental contamination and eliminate single-use items in the food service industry. Single-use plastics, which take 20 to 500 years to decompose in landfills, release harmful toxins into the environment. The one-bin solution represents a significant leap in sustainability, further decreasing landfill waste and mitigating its associated environmental impacts.

With an enrich360 dehydrator, restaurants can process their waste onsite and produce their very own, nutrient-rich soil amendment. This could then be applied to an in-house vegetable or herb garden, or donated to community initiatives. This process reduces the need for synthetic fertilisers, which can pollute the environment, contaminate groundwater and cause health problems in humans and animals. Excessive application of chemical fertilisers can also result in a buildup of mineral salts, forming a compacted layer over time. This compaction exacerbates runoff and erosion, while hindering the soil’s ability to retain essential nutrients and water needed for plant absorption. In turn, the natural pH levels are disrupted and synthetic fertilisers ultimately make soil unproductive in the long-term. 

Transforming Waste into Value

enrich360 dehydrators not only offer a constant stream of no-cost fertiliser, but its organic and nutrient-rich properties support a well-balanced soil structure and healthy environment. The dehydrators can already tackle an impressive range of food waste, including everything from vegetable scraps to most bones, avocado pits and even oyster shells. Its powerful Vortech grinding system reduces food waste volume by up to 90%, significantly cutting landfill use and producing a soil amendment that enhances plant growth and soil fertility. By integrating bioplastic processing with food waste recycling, the FoodCycler system transforms even more waste into valuable end-products for agricultural or gardening use, promoting a circular economy.

The future of sustainable waste management is looking bright and at enrich360, we are thrilled to be part of the movement. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability drives us to support restaurants, cafes and other businesses in adopting effective food waste management solutions, ensuring a greener future for all.

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