How Paul’s SUPA IGA is reducing waste, giving back to their community and saving money at the same time

Published on
May 2, 2023
As a community-minded small business, sustainability and cost efficiency were top priorities for Paul’s SUPA IGA. After successfully implementing the enrich360® solution, they are now reducing waste, giving back to the community and saving money.


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Located in Melbourne’s outer east, Paul’s SUPA IGA offers the community a range of fresh fruit and vegetables and specialised food and liquor products in addition to standard supermarket lines.

A family business established in 1977 with a physical footprint of 1800sqm, today it derives its sales mainly from fresh produce, gourmet deli products, pre-prepared meals and bakery items.

Faced with increasing food waste of up to 1 tonne per week, Managing Director Arthur Corcoris saw the enrich360 program as a win-win opportunity, significantly reducing waste going to landfill while saving money on waste disposal. The end product - nutrient-rich fertiliser - is distributed to local gardeners and community gardens, and will soon supply Eastwood Primary School.

The addition of the enrich360® dehydrator to our supermarket has reduced our landfill waste by a third, helping the environment and reducing costs.
Arthur Corcoris
Managing Director